VP International Sales Operations

Michael Joseph Cabuhat, aka “Jojo”, is a US entrepreneur who was born in the Philippines and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. He has decades of work experience in executive management, international operations and technical fields in accounting, international taxation, endorsement contracts and international labor. He’s helped thousands of Medical & Technical professionals work in the US. He’s also handled and represented many multi-millionaire clients and corporations in both the US and International revenue tax courts.

As the company’s Vice President of International Sales Operations, he is a key member of the management team. He leads and directs the company’s international sales team department to ensure excellent sales revenue, sales profitability and budgetary objectives. His function also includes strategic planning, managing people, selling, leveraging technology, improving processes, and coordinating global sales organization.

Mr. Cabuhat is also the company’s Ambassador of International Humanitarian Service. He believes that giving back to the community is important to the success of the company. He wants to make the world a better place by donating time and resources to aid the need of his native country when it is in a state of calamity, worldwide pandemic, and economic and healthcare issues by properly distributing company products through charity, donation and contribution to give back to the community.