Dr. Miriam De La Cerda brings over 15 years of experience in external and general medical consultation, as well as more than 12 years of experience in outpatient medical care for patients with drug addictions and dependency problems.

Before her role at GWHP, she also held numerous Youth Forums for addiction prevention along with workshops and informative talks in schools, companies, and government institutions regarding protection from and the risk factors of addiction.  She is additionally highly skilled at training and recruiting promoters and volunteers for preventive programs for addictions.

She received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition at Autonomous University of Durango (UAD) in 2016, a Diploma in Addiction Treatment for Smokers at the University of Colima-Youth Integration Centers, A.C. in 2014, and a Diploma for the Medical Intervention of Cocaine and Crack Consumption at the University of Colima- Youth Integration Centers A.C in 2011.