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GWHP's (Global WholeHealth Partners) primary focus is directed towards the global fight against fatal infectious diseases. These diseases include the above following: Ebola, ZIKA, Dengue Fever, Malaria, Influenza, Tuberculosis, and 200 Strands of Corona Viruses such as SARS, MERS (camel), Bovine (oxygen, cattle), Canine (dog) and Feline (cat).

We're solving the problems related to current diagnostic testing such as:
•Expensive to run
•Difficult to use
•Only test one strand of the disease
•Inaccuracy / False negatives / High error latency
•Increased deaths from delayed results of diagnoses
•Tests take up to 72 hours and need a lab and refrigeration.

GWHP's Solution
A PCR test is over 97% accurate but requires a PCR machine (which is already commonly available at most doctor’s offices and hospitals). The PCR kit is compatible with all In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) PCR machines. The PCR test takes about 90 minutes to obtain a result. Usually a single PCR machine can only process 2 tests at a time. PCR machines usually cost about $20k-$25k each. We are not manufacturers of PCR machines. Each PCR Test kit includes 2 individual tests one for each gene (E and RPRQ) to increase accuracy.

GWHP Rapid Test is a stand-alone test kit where results are delivered within 15 minutes with over 95% accuracy. Since each rapid test is a stand alone kit, you can run unlimited simultaneous tests. Our rapid test kits work with all strands of the indicated disease by testing a person’s serum plasma or whole blood. Test kits do NOT require refrigerators. Test kits can remain viable for 9 month if stored in 105°F (40.5°C) or 2 years if stored under 85°F (29.4°C).

Compare this to other products on the market which are being promoted as rapid tests, they might require a proprietary machine like the PCR for processing. Additionally, although the results may take a few minutes in the proprietary machine, it actually takes over an hour to prepare the sample for processing.

Life Saving Fast Test Results

PCR TESTS60-90 Min For Results

RAPID RDT15-20 Min For Results

COMPARE TO48-72 Hrs Conventional

Extensive Catalogue of Diagnostic Tests FDA Professional Approved or Approved For Export

Products and Services are designed to:
• Be affordable to the end user.
• Reduce Healthcare Cost.
• Be easy to use with an Instruction Manual.
• Deliver Results in Minutes.
• Save Lives.

Global WholeHealth Partners sell the following products to test for all kinds of disease in their huge catalogue of research and development:
• Strips
• Cassettes
• Mainstream Test

Products may fall under the following categories:
• FDA, OTC, CLIA Waved and Professional Approved Tests
• Drug Tests
• EXPORT Only Approved Tests

We Design Tests For:
• Infectious Diseases
• Drugs
• Over-the-counter

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